Monday, April 7, 2008

IN THE NEWS: The Will Power Muscle?

Finally an explanation for why I can't study and diet at the same time.. But seriously, do you think this actually works? What is your experience with the power of will?

The Will Power Muscle

(In case your are a hesitant link-clicker, this is an NY Times Op-Ed article called "Tighten Your Belt, Strengthen Your Mind." Not convinced? It's written by Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang. Don't care? Well, you should at least click to see the cute and strange illustration by Michael Klein.)


Meagan said...

You finally convinced me with your last jab. It is indeed cute and strange.

Miserable Grad Student said...

Yippee! My scheme worked! I hope you liked the article. Clearly, I need to reread it cause I'm both distracted from my thesis and eating a pastry.