Wednesday, April 30, 2008

STUDY TIPS: where to find that...

A couple weeks ago, when I was doing my lit review questions, I got really really stuck. My adviser wanted me to "incorporate more theorists" into my argument, and I simply did not know of any theorists other than the ones I'd already incorporated. Have you ever been there? It's an unhappy place to be.

I searched high and low and hit the university library and library Web site a few times ... all to no avail. But then, at the last minute, the luxuries of consumerism saved me: No, I didn't find some new method to cheat. I just discovered its highly developed search engine that--because Amazon has a profit motive, whereas the university library does not--actually succeeds in helping me find things.

Here's what I did (hopefully, it can help you too):
1. I typed the name of my one known theorist into Amazon
2. I scrolled down to the "other people bought these books too" section
3. I found the mother lode of relevant yet previously elusive theorists
4. I opened a new browser tab and typed name of new people into school library search engine
5. BINGO - free books!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, it was like magic. All my problems were solved. Marx may hate me, but this system combines the best of consumerism (user-friendly products) with the best of socialism (free stuff). The only thing you have to watch out for is back strain. I found such a trove of research that I filled my camping backpack TWICE. Remember to lift with your kness and not with your back, and happy studying!

Note: Camera phone photo of my first batch of library books all set up neatly in a library study corral. Speaking of which, that's another great thing about libraries: free study space. No purchase of a $5 coffee required.

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They still have libraries?