Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stupidest Way for Students to Save the Planet

It's after midnight, so technically Earth Day is over. But I just had to give you this one last environmental gem:

So I went to the campus gym tonight, and I notice water coolers all over the place. On each water cooler is a sign that says (to the best of my memory):

Disposable Water Bottles Kill The Earth!
Please Use Non-Disposable Water Bottles!
This Water Cooler is Here So That You Can Refill Your Non-Disposable Water Bottle!

As you know from my previous post, I am all for saving Mama Earth. But this tactic is a little ridiculous considering:
(a.) There are already a plethora of permanent water fountains in the campus gym
(b.) In addition to permanent water fountains and (now) temporary water coolers, a (second) plethora of vending machines selling disposable bottled water litter the campus gym.
(c.) What if somebody wants to refill their (gasp) disposable water bottle using the water coolers? Will a environmental hall monitor rebuke them? Will they make the thirsty person throw away their disposable water bottle in order to buy a non-disposable one? Or will they simply point the thirsty student in the direction of the water fountain?

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