Monday, April 21, 2008


Sometimes, a grad student needs to take a break from the hard work of procrastinating and enjoy a good beer in a pretty place. (Or, in my case, take a photo of a nice beer in a nice place)

This photo illustrates one of my many definitions of heaven. Isn't it nice? It makes me happy just looking at it. But it made me happier when I drank the beer.

PS. Kudos to those who can correctly guess the type of beer I was drinking.
PS2. I think the choice of beer (i.e., NOT Schlitz or Naddy Light) separates grad students from the common undergrad.
PS3. Not to brag, but I really outdid myself on this photo. Three cheers for my camera phone!
PS4. I apologize for bragging in PS3.


Anonymous said...

hoegaarden perhaps?

Alex said...

I have to go Blue Moon simply because it's a more popular hefeweizen. I totally agree about the grad/undergrad difference. Even in the one bar here that could be seen as shared you can easily tell the difference.

Jens said...
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Miserable Grad Student said...

Wow! You guys rock! It was actually a trick question. But here is a hint: The barmaid was out of oranges, so she had to put a lime in my beer instead (which is quite gross when you think about it).

Miserable Grad Student said...

Oh wait. Never mind. I just realized that Alex won! Way to go! Three cheers for Alex! It was indeed a Blue Moon (if my memory can be trusted). You should reward his expert beer knowledge by visiting his site: