Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I feel like crying. As you may have noticed from the obnoxious countdown at the top of this page, the deadline to apply for May graduation was yesterday. I did not apply. Defeat. There's always August, but this delay has really kicked the wind out of my gumption.

So today I am trying to rally. I am on campus trying to still finish my corrections on my lit review. It is not going well. And one of my old students--by pure, old-fashioned bad luck--sat down across from me. She is staring at me; I am actively ignoring her.

Gods of thesis-writing, please deliver me from this trial. I beseech you.

(The above picture by Banksy illustrates how I feel today. Does a transition from pie-in-the-face to dead flowers mean that things are getting worse?)


Crystal Kill said...

OMG-- I know your pains... I think it will work out for you!
I love this site!!

Pj Perez said...




Come on.

Valerie Loveland said...

Banksy has a painting for every occasion!

Miserable Grad Student said...

Yes, Pj it's true. I won't be graduating in May. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up. I'll just be out another grand of tuition so that I can finish in May and graduate in August. Sucks, but is doable, I guess.

Miserable Grad Student said...

And yes, Valerie. I am in love with Banksy's work. He's the best ... and so smart.

Pj Perez said...

I hear this cool magazine in Las Vegas called Racket once did a story on Banksy ... whatever happened to that mag? ... hmm ...