Friday, March 14, 2008

14 Minutes Later

My virgin post was bared to the world exactly 10 minutes ago, and I already have four (4) views! This is so much more gratifying than working on my thesis, which is worrisome.
Since only 10 minutes (now 14) have passed, I am still sitting at a booth next to the Chick-fil-a, trying not to start a downward spiral of guilt about the seven million calories I just consumed.
But, hey, I drank tea instead of Coke, so at least my bones won't crumble inside my body when I get old.

Being unemployed, err full-time student, I have the entire glorious day spread out before me. Should I hold my ground here in the food court and type to the music of the people shutting down the restaurants for the week? Should I walk to the campus library (there's a nice spot on the 3rd floor with big windows and the sweet smell of musty books)? Or should I head to a coffee shop for a little hipster studying? Maybe I'll do all of the above in that order.

By the way, I have exactly one week to turn in 40-50 pages to my adviser. So far, I've written a page, but I have one hell of an outline. Does this mean I can't go out this weekend? Oh no.

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