Monday, March 24, 2008

IN THE NEWS: $$$ for your academic expertise

No, it's not a pay-the-bills teaching gig...

I'm very curious to know if you guys think this is a positive or negative development. Will it help or harm people like us? I can't tell yet.

Writing for peanuts and loving it

In her spare time, away from her duties as a chemicals specialist in the Army, Angie Papple fires up her computer and writes an article about something close to her, like life in the military. Other times she'll analyze a piece of software. Or she'll churn out advice for travelers to Hawaii, where she lives, or Puerto Rico, where she's never been.

Some of these pieces bring her mere pocket change. The most lucrative ones earn about $40. Most of all, though, she's thrilled to be considered a writer. Read more>>


Meagan said...

(psst: the link doesn't work, it's got some extra stuff in it)

I'm not sure it matters whether we think it's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's definitely inevitable. Not just in writing mind you, but in just about every field that can be done online. There are some downsides: it greatly diminishes the quality of writing in general and sort of cheapens the skill at the same time. On the other hand not all sites or medium are going to move in this direction and people will automatically gravitate (eventually) towards the higher quality zines and such. In the mean time it's an easy way to possibly get some low pay quickly, and potentially add a questionable publication to your resume. It's also possible, though I wouldn't count on it, that you could be one of the lucky ones to rise to the top of the pool as a recognized good writer. I tend to think this recognition has more to with luck and even self marketing than actual skill though (I may be biased by the fact that no one reads my blog). I'm hoping to do something similar to this relatively soon, just to make some cash which would really be helpful for things like buying gas to get to class.

Miserable Grad Student said...

Wow, that's a really insightful comment. I think you're right. The rate that technology has changed our society is overwhelming. Often I think that it would have been easier to "make it" in my field 100 years ago. But I guess we just have to deal the cards that are dealt to our generation.

PS. I fixed the link.