Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Muffin for Your Thoughts

I'm at a coffee shop (independent!) and drinking real coffee (not crap ending in the phrase -ppuccino) from a real glass mug. I just ate a muffin that I knew I shouldn't eat. But it's 1:30 in the morning. I'm actually making thesis progress and I convinced myself it was "brain food" instead of "go straight to my thighs" food.

Soon there is nothing left of the muffin except the burnt part (the downside of buying local) and I start thinking that maybe the coffee was all I really needed to power my brain after all. And as I wonder whether or not I will fit in a graduation gown (those damn unforgiving, formless, black smocks), I realize that I am eating the burnt parts! What is wrong with me?

THESIS PROGRESS: 8.05 of 40 pages written*
*That's only for chapter 3, the full thesis is much longer.


Radish King said...

I hated all 3 of my manuscripts, really hated them -- panic attack, shaking, puking, frozen and terrified hated them. Especially toward the end, when I was editing the galleys. Once the books came out I was ok though I have secretly hated them from time to time. I'm waiting for my 4th book to be published but I'm making changes in the manuscript because no one has yet to take it out of my hands. I hate it as it is.


Miserable Grad Student said...

Wow. Thank you for the encouragement. As long as I'm not puking, I know that it isn't really that bad. But I can't wait till the time when I (if I'm lucky) get a book in return for all my suffering.