Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Internet Keeps Chasing Me

Study Tip #1: Above all, the Internet is the arch-enemy of thesisizing

If after many joyful hours of learning the concept of infinity through Google, you actually want to get some work done, the only answer is to ESCAPE! (Just make sure not to do it cold turkey or you are in danger of severe withdrawal symptoms.)

However, it's not that easy to find a place that doesn't have wireless. My local grocery story just added it, though I cannot see how that is practical. I've debated asking my roommate to block me from the router, but the image of me begging him to reconnect me at 3 a.m. is too embarrassing. The only place I know of that doesn't have free wireless is (and I hate to promote chains) Starbucks. So as soon as I finish this post, I'm ungluing my self, not to return for several hours, at least.

THESIS PROGRESS: 3.75 of 40 pages written*
*That's only for chapter 3, the full thesis is much longer.

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