Sunday, March 23, 2008

Readers Speak: Best Thesis-Writing Food

Thanks to all 15 of you who shared your opinions! I judge this poll a success.

Personally, I prefer cookie dough, but I must weigh that love against my hypochondria. Is the joy of eating raw eggs worth the paralyzing fear that my salmonella-infested insides fall out? I say YES! For posterity, here are your results:

4 (26%)
cookie dough (contains raw eggs)
4 (26%)
broccoli & carrots (no ranch dip)
2 (13%)
whisky & cigarettes
5 (33%)


Anonymous said...

While pulling an all-nighter trying to finish my thesis by the end of this week, I am quite happy to have stumbled across your blog (congratulations by the way, nice to know that you are now two years past this terrible time!). Your posts make me smile and give me some energy to keep going!

dana said...

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Anna Howell said...

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