Friday, March 14, 2008

Methods in procrastination: Precise Calorie Counting


According to the meal calculator my lunch was as follows:
  • Chicken Sandwich ---------------------- 410 calories
  • Waffle Fries (medium) ----------------- 350 calories
  • Polynesian Sauce (2 oz) ----------------220 calories
  • Sweetened Ice Tea (small) ------------- 1oo calories
Grand Total = 1080 calories

This is horrific! I am shocked and distressed by both the amount of crap I put in my body and by the amount of time I wasted going to their dumb web site, typing it all in and then reproducing it here. My entire purpose of eating fast food was to save time, and somehow I failed at doing that. Well, I guess this goes to show that I need to leave the university food court and find a study spot that doesn't have an internet connection.

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