Friday, March 21, 2008

Study Tips: The 10-Minute Rule

I have technology-induced ADD. Before the Internet was invited by Al Gore, I had laser focus. Now, ... I have a blog.

Since I can't even get Aderol on the black market at this hour, I came up with a little study tip for myself:
When all attempts to focus fail -- when you pace the house, annoy your roommates and run up the electricity bill by opening and closing the fridge so many times -- there is only one solution. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Anybody can focus for the length of an extended commercial break. And when the 10 minutes is up, give yourself a well-earned blog break, such as this one.

Thesis Progress: I just focused for 10 full minutes, and was only distracted once

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Meagan said...

I do kind of the opposite thing... when I notice I'm not really doing anything at all and I really need to get stuff done, I'll look at the clock and pick a time five to ten minutes away. I give myself license to screw around until that time then I have to work until I lose concentration. Repeat. Probably amounts to about the same amount of time lost and used.